I started illustrating in the same place most of us do, High School Algebra. 

No offense to my teachers or anything, but I really was a bored kid. Northern California weather has a way of making even the most studious lose grasp on the subject matter, and so I coped by drawing... on everything. One thing led to another and I decided to use it as the basis for my livelihood. So I guess math really did help me, after all.

Here’s some of my projects from the past years. Some have explanation, most do not.

Year of the Beard

You’ve heard of Movember before, right? Well if you haven’t, click on that link to learn about it. This is the posters I did for my office last year to announce the coming of the month-long testosterone fest. I, unfortunately, am not gifted enough to grow a beard myself, but I still admire these fine men who can.

Ordinary Objects

Now, before you go thinking that I’m just bored all the time, this is a collection of illustrations of things that I had sitting on or around my work area when I was... umm...  bored. Practice makes perfect, right? Some are from projects, most are from lunch.

Random Illustrations

These ones don't really have a category to go with or enough variations to justify their own collection. They come from icon sets, tshirt ideas, contract illustration, posters, dribbble rebounds, abd boredom.

Sock Monkey Travel Posters

I did these Illustrations for my Nephew for Christmas. He's got a sock monkey themed nursery and I'm thinking he'll be inspired to travel the world. I mean, who wouldn't be? Giant sock monkeys? That'll get him to get out of the house to see the world when he's 18... or go to college... Maybe he'll want to go to college so he can prove to his uncle that things like this don't exist. I'll need some hard evidence before my faith waivers. Call me a skeptic.


I may go a little overboard with my star wars obsession at times, but there are worse things in life. These came out of a request from a friend and I kinda kept going with it.

More Work

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